Rev. Fr. Jossy George Thomas (Jossy Chirayath)

address Corpus Christi Catholic Parish 2707 - 34 ST NW Edmonton AB T6T 1P5 CANADA
Telephone 9447319408
born Monday, February 13, 1984
Name of Father/Occupation. C.G. Thomas (Late)
Name of Mother/Occupation. Aleyamma Thomas
Number of Brothers & Sisters/Occupation. Jai G. Thomas, Jessy Thomas
Place of Birth. Athirumckal
Date of Baptism/Confirmation. 5/4/1984
Name of School/College/Studied . K.K. N.M.H.S, Konni
Date of Joining the Seminary. 6/19/1999
Name of the Minor Seminary. St. Aloysious Seminary, Pattom
School where +2/Pre-Degree Studied. St. Mary's HSS, Pattom
Name of Seminary (Philo). St. Mary's Malankara Seminary
Place of Regency. Bishop's House, Pattom/Nilamel
Name of Seminary (Theo). St. Mary's Malankara Seminary
Parish you have Served & Period of Service. 1. Asst. Vadasserikkara, Maniyar, Thekkummala, Puthuserimala, (2010) 2. Manneera, Thekkuthode
Institution/Department/you have served and period of Service. Karimanthode
ordained Tuesday, April 6, 2010