Rev. Fr. Geevarghese Madamannil

Baptism name Geevarghese
parishdiocese, Pathanamthitta
address St. George Pilgrim Malankara Catholic Church Chandanappally P.O. Pathanamthitta 689 648
Telephone 9447504997
born Tuesday, October 23, 1962
House Name. Madamannil House
Name of Father/Occupation. S. Varghese
Name of Mother/Occupation. Marykutty
Number of Brothers & Sisters/Occupation. Joykutty/UK , Sophy/Housewife , Jose Varghese/Kuwait
Place of Birth. Thattayil
Name of School/College/Studied . Govt. LPS Anandappally NSSHS Thattayil
Date of Joining the Seminary. 6/20/1978
Name of the Minor Seminary. St. Aloysious Seminary, Trivandrum
School where +2/Pre-Degree Studied. St. mary's Paralil College Trivandrum
Place of Regency. Frs. Mannikarott & Mangalath Seminary Training Archbishop's House Trivandrum
Name of Seminary (Theo). St. Joseph's Seminary Mangalaore
Higher Education (if any place). MA Politics
Parish you have Served & Period of Service. 1. Chaikottukonam, Vadacodu, Kulathamal, Tharavila (1989) 2. Karakkad, Kulanada, Pandalam, Kurampala (1989-1994) 3. Pattazhy East/West, Panthaplavu, Arattupuzha, Pandithitta (1944-2001) 4. Kodumon, Theppupara, Nedumon (2001-2010) 5. Naranganam (2010 to Continue)
Institution/Department/you have served and period of Service. No Opportunity to Serve
Submit Date. Thursday, May 5, 2011
ordained Tuesday, April 11, 1989