Fr. Philip C. Pantholil

born Wednesday, April 28, 1915
House Name. Pantholil House
Name of Father/Occupation. Chacko/Farmer
Name of Mother/Occupation. Annamma/Housewife
Number of Brothers & Sisters/Occupation. P.C. Chacko/Teacher, P.C. Sosamma/Housewife , P.C. Aleyamma/Housewife , P.C. Annamma/Teacher , P.C. Varghese/Teacher , P.C. Simon/Teacher, P.C. Mariamma
Place of Birth. Ayroor
Name of School/College/Studied . 1. St. Thomas HS S Kozhancherry 2. Ceylon Teaching College, Colombo 3. Papel Seminary
Date of Joining the Seminary. 6/9/1940
Name of the Minor Seminary. St. Aloysious Minor Seminary
School where +2/Pre-Degree Studied. Ceylon Techenical College, Colombo, Srilanka
Name of Seminary (Philo). Papal Seminary Kandy
Name of Seminary (Theo). Papel Seminary Kandy, Sri Lanka
Higher Education (if any place). MA Politcs Trivandrum
Parish you have Served & Period of Service. 1. Various Mission in and around Trivandrum Kundumankadavu and Kunnapuzha 1950-1955 2. St. mary's Church Naranganam 1977-2000
Institution/Department/you have served and period of Service. 1. Chaplain Little Sisters 3 years 2. Bursar, Lecture Mar Ivanios College Trivandrum 3. St. John's College Anchel 1964 1975 4. Procurator, Chancelloor, Archbishop's Secretary Mar Ivanios and Mar Gregorious
ordained Wednesday, August 24, 1949