St. Francis of Assisi Church, Mronggre

His Lordship George Mamalassery encouraged us to continue our service in Tura Diocese after handing over Chima-Impel Mission back to the Diocese where we rendered service for five years. As a result Br. Kuriakose Kattoopara and a teacm of brothers visitted Mronggre and underdeveloped and remote village for a few times to see the possibility of opening a new parish. Later Fr. Renny Veliyappallil was asked to stay with Fr. John Bosco in Thikkrikilla Parish to make the immediate preparation to start the parish. As a result in the year 2003, January 22nd St. Francis of Assisi Parish at Mronggre was declared and Fr. Renny Velayappallil was appointed as the first Parish priest and Fr. Saji Olickathottiyil as the assistant Parish Priest.

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