blessing of the second block of Madonna International Residential School, Pathanamthitta
Cyber Security Alert !

A new virus called WannaCry Ransomware is being spread in the cyber world especially in Windows based networks and machines. If necessary precautions are not taken, the virus can destroy the entire files in our computers. Even antivirus softwares could not solve this problems since the virus takes control of entire file system.
Our Diocesan Offices use Windows Machines. Our information and files are therefore under threat. Therefore, Please carefully read the following (This is a serious Master) and do accordingly.
1, Backup all the important data into CD or DVD (don't use pen drives like storage devices where the data can edited renamed etc.)
2, Please Shut down (Highly Preferred ) or disconnect internet connection from the Computers that useAll outdated Windows editions such as Windows XP, Vista, 8 and outdated (unupdated) Windows 10 systems, until the problem is solved. For emergency Downloads use Apple Machines (iMac, MacBooks, iPhones or iPads), Linux Machines (Ubuntu like OS or Updated Android Phones or Tablets which are based on Linux kernel).
3, Please inform Website Admin via 8891960880 or so that Website Admin can help you. If you are an expert you can may visit the page and take necessary precautionary steps.
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