Rev. Fr. Abraham Thomas Vavolimeppurath

address St. Jude Catholic Church 1515 n Greenville Avenue Allen, TX 75002, USA
Telephone 001-214-563-0376,9447269339
born Saturday, February 1, 1969
House Name. Vavolimepurath House
Name of Father/Occupation. Thomas
Name of Mother/Occupation. Aleyamma
Number of Brothers & Sisters/Occupation. Mathew, , Varghese , Mariamma, George
Place of Birth. Angamoozhy
Date of Baptism/Confirmation. 5/5/1969
Name of School/College/Studied . Gurukulam UPS and SAVHS, Angamoozhy
Date of Joining the Seminary. 6/28/1984
Name of the Minor Seminary. St. Aloysius Minor Seminary Pattom
School where +2/Pre-Degree Studied. Private Stydy
Name of Seminary (Philo). St. Mary's Malankara Major Seminary, Trivandrum
Place of Regency. Panachamood, Kuravankonam
Name of Seminary (Theo). St. Thomas Apostolic Seminary, Vadavathoor, Kottayam
Parish you have Served & Period of Service. 1. Kanyakumari, 1994-1995 2. Mariagiri, 1995 3. Thumpamon, 1995-1996 4. Vadacode, 1996-2000 5. Kottarakkara 2000-2010 6. Vazhamuttam, 2010-2011 7. Chandanappally, 2011 onwards
Institution/Department/you have served and period of Service. 1. Director of MCYM in the Archdiocese of Trivandrum, 2000-2006 2. Director of the Department of Construction, 2010 onwards
Submit Date. Sunday, May 29, 2011
ordained Thursday, December 22, 1994