Rev. Fr. John Achuthaparambil

address Rev. Fr. John Achuthaparambil St. James Malankara Catholic Church Vayyattupuzha P.O. Pathanamthitta 689 663
Telephone 8281594277
vested 0
House Name. Achuthaparambil House
Name of Father/Occupation. A.J.Yohannan / Farmer
Name of Mother/Occupation. Thressiamma Yohannan / House Wife
Number of Brothers & Sisters/Occupation. Jasmin Thomas / House Wife
Place of Birth. Pathanamthitta
Own Parish. Chengara
Name of School/College/Studied . Republican HSS, Konni
Date of Joining the Seminary. 1117949801
Name of the Minor Seminary. St. Aloysius Minor Seminary
School where +2/Pre-Degree Studied. St. Mary's, Pattom
Name of Seminary (Philo). St. Mary's Malankara Seminary, Trivandrum
Place of Regency. Bishop's House, Pathanamthitta & Minor Seminary, Omalloor
Name of Seminary (Theo). St. Mary's Malankara Seminary, Trivandrum
Higher Education (if any place). 1. B.A 2. M.A.
Parish you have Served & Period of Service. 1. Karimpekal (2017-2018 2. Prakanam (2017-2018) 3. Visrathawadi (2018-2020) 4. Khadki-Pune (2019)
Institution/Department/you have served and period of Service. 1. Vice -Rector - St. Thomas Minor Seminary, Omalloor (2017-2018) 2. Procurator - St. Ephrem, Khadki-Pune (2018)
Submit Date. 1632461801
ordained 14-01-2017