Rev. Fr. Skaria (Job) Pathalil

address Rev. Fr. Skaria Pathalil St. Albert’s Malankara Catholic Church Kattoor P.O., Kozhenchery Pathanamthitta- 689650
Telephone 9846594691
vested 0
House Name. Pathalil House
Name of Father/Occupation. P C Varghese, Aluminium Fabricator
Name of Mother/Occupation. Mollykutty Varghese, House wife
Number of Brothers & Sisters/Occupation. 1. Jorly Viju 2. Sherly Alex, Counsellor
Place of Birth. Athirumkal
Own Parish. Athirumkal
Name of School/College/Studied . 1. Govt. LPS Athirumkal, 2. PSVPMHSS Iravon,Konni
Date of Joining the Seminary. 1055922518
Name of the Minor Seminary. St.Aloysious Minor Seminary, Pattom, Tvm
School where +2/Pre-Degree Studied. St. Marys HSS, Pattom
Name of Seminary (Philo). St. Marys Malankara Major Seminary Nalanchira, Tvm
Place of Regency. Malankara Boys Home, Kattakkada
Name of Seminary (Theo). St. Marys Malankara Major Seminary Nalanchira, Tvm
Higher Education (if any place). B Ed, MTTTC Edakkulam,Ranny
Parish you have Served & Period of Service. 1. Mylapra, Thonniyamala, Marygiry (Assistant Vicar to Fr. John Thundiyath) - 2014-2015 2. Prakkanam – 2015-16 3. Pulinthitta, Karimpekkal – 2016-17 4. Thannithode, Karimanthode -2017-19 5. Chittar, Amalagiri – 2019-20 6. Kattoor, Puthusserimala – 2020-
Institution/Department/you have served and period of Service. 1. Judicial Notary – 2014-16 2. Vice-Rector,St. Thomas Minor Seminary, Attarikom – 2015-17 3. Assistant Director, Aswasa Bhavan, Cheekanal – 2016-17 4. Local Manager, St. Benedict HS and St. George LPS,Thannithode – 2017-19
Submit Date. 1632383318
ordained 22-02-2014