Transfer list: May 19, 2016

1 Rev. Fr. Joseph Kurumpileth Transferred from Vakayar, Kallelithottam, Kokkathode, Anjilikunnu

Appointed as Vicar General, Bishop’s House, Pathanamthitta

2 Rev. Fr. John G Vadakkeppuram Transferred from Lakkoor/ Karunya Bhavan

Appointed as Vicar of Erathumpamon, Muttathukonam

3 Rev. Fr. Martin Puthenveedu Transferred from Manneera, Elimullumplackal

Appointed as Vicar of Lakkoor/ Karunya Bhavan

4 Rev. Fr. Sibi Ottackallil Transferred from – Assistant Vicar of Thannithode

Appointed as Vicar of Manneera and Thekkuthode

5 Rev. Fr. Benny Narakathinal Transferred from Puthenpeedika

Appointed as Vicar of Thumpamon

6 Rev. Fr. Prince Koickal Transferred from Erathumpamon, Muttathukonam

Appointed as Vicar of Oottupara, Kallely

7 Rev. Fr. Varghese Chamakalayil Transferred from Thatta/ Social Service Society

Appointed as Vicar of Seethathode and Gurunadhanmannu

8 Rev. Fr. Augustine Pulimuttathu Transferred from Thumpamon

Appointed as Vicar of Thatta, Kaippattoor

9 Rev. Fr. Philipose


Transferred from- Assistant Vicar of Mylapra

Appointed as Vicar of Vadasserikkara, Maniyar

10 Rev. Fr. Mathew Alummottil Transferred from Pathanamthitta Cathedral/ District Vicar

Appointed as Vicar of Elanthoor

11 Rev. Fr. Anto Kannamkulam Transferred from Attachackal, Chengara

Appointed as Vicar of Pathanamthitta Cathedral/ District Vicar

12 Rev. Fr. Paul Nilackal Thekkethil Transferred from Elanthoor, Pulimthitta

Appointed as Vicar of Puthenpeedika and Prakkanam

13 Rev. Fr. Joseph Kalavila Transferred from Nedumonkavu, Angadical

Appointed as Vicar of Vakayar, Kallelithottam/ District Vicar

14 Rev. Fr. Robin Kalathivilayil Transferred from- Assistant Vicar of Vakayar

Appointed as Vicar of Kokkathode, Anjilikunnu

15 Rev. Fr. George Varghese Appointed as Vicar of Elimullumplackal
16 Rev. Fr. Mathew Kayyalackal Transferred from Ramanchira, Pampumala

Appointed as Vicar of Mannarakulanji

17 Rev. Fr. Thomas Eettikalayil Transferred from Seethathode, Gurunadhanmannu

Appointed as Vicar of Ramanchira and Pampumala

18 Rev. Fr. Varghese Vilayil Transferred from Mannarakaulanji

Appointed – In charge of Clergy Home

19 Rev. Fr. Skariah Pathalil Transferred from Prakkanam

Appointed as Vicar of Pulimthitta and Karimpekkal

20 Rev. Fr. Varghese Samuel Transferred from Vadasserikkara, Maniyar
21 Rev. Fr. James Elanjickal Transferred from Oottupara, Kallely

Appointed as Vicar of Nedumonkavu, Angadickal

22 Rev. Fr. Koshy Chirayath Appointed as Vicar of Attachackal, Chengara
23 Rev. Fr. Varghese


Transferred from Thekkuthode
24 Rev. Fr. Thomas Malancharuvil Appointed as Social Service Director

(Appointed as PRO of the Diocese on April 13, 2016)

25 Msgr. Chacko Thadathil Relieved – Vicar General
26 Rev. Fr. Abraham Mannil Transferred from Karimpekkal